Executive & Corporate Consulting

Unique Value Proposition Strives To

  1. Uncover what’s important to you and your company, and why, so that you can become a more focused, calmer and stronger leader, a necessity in creating higher profits and building wealth for you and your stakeholders.
  2. Develop and achieve mission-based, wealth-building milestones through sequencing that guides your daily, monthly and quarterly tasks to keep you and all involved on target with personal and professional objectives, timelines and fiscal goals.
  3. Get ongoing advice and support for the life of your company to conquer the ever-developing, ever-changing challenges and antagonistic forces that kill your dreams; make your endeavors even more profitable; achieve your highest levels of personal and corporate wealth.

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Mr. Keith Wayne MacGregor is assembling a team of diverse motion picture professionals and other experts to create a fund that will aggregate motion pictures and other entertainment-related intellectual properties into one diversified investment portfolio. He is a 30-plus-year entrepreneur, working privately as a consultant and strategist, helping individuals and companies to develop and achieve mission-based, life and business milestones. Throughout his career, Mr. MacGregor has managed private accounts of USD2M+ and worked in a variety of fields, including radio; television and film; international marketing and importing; investment capital and trust management; the art gallery business; and the dressage training industry. Keith holds a number of certificates and diplomas from independent consulting and training companies, as well as from Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

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