Film/TV, Writers, Directors & Producers

Diversified Global Media Fund LLC

Guided by the principles of cultural diversity, equality, and inclusion for all humankind

Financing multi-cultural & multi-language entertainment properties for multinational marketplaces

Licensing for manufacturing and retail distribution to all manner of merchandise & promotion

Generous profit sharing with investors, advisors, and content providers in perpetuity


Mr. Keith Wayne MacGregor is the Principal Manager of Diversified Global Media Fund LLC. You are invited to connect more with Keith and his team to learn more and discuss how you may become involved. A copy of the Executive Overview is available to you for downloading at:


Diversified Global Media Fund LLC is currently building new, long-term alliances and partnerships, and entering into joint venture agreements with:

(1) Individuals from the global business community regardless of whether they specialize in the entertainment business who may wish to add their unique expertise and life experience to further the vision of the company, as it seeks to broaden diversity within its leadership team; and to further their own experiences.

(2) Content providers writers, producers, directors, and other principals involved in the creation or business affairs of entertainment properties (books, television projects, and motion pictures, in any format or genre) who may wish to joint venture or partner with us to expand their market.

(3) Accredited investors both individual and institutional (brokerage and/or dealer) who may wish to learn more about the company’s offering; and its financial, ecological, and social returns. Our unique business model also mitigates risk and increases profitability; and allows for perpetual profit sharing with all investors, advisors, and content providers.

Thank you.

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